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Volumizing Reflectives Styling by NIOXIN

Bliss Thermal Protector

What it is: A virtually weightless leave-in conditioner formulated for fine hair.

Bodifying Foam

NIOXIN Bodifying Foam
What it is: Lightweight extra-hold volumizing styling foam specially formulated for fine hair.

Liquid Sculpting Gel

NIOXIN Liquid Sculpting Gel
What it is: Virtually weightless extra-hold volumizing sculpting gel formulated for fine hair.


NIOXIN Niospray
What it is: Humidity resistant hairspray for volume, styling definition and control formulated for fine hair.

Root Lifter

NIOXIN Root Lifter
What it is: A virtually weight free extra-hold volumizing spray for fine hair.

Spray Gel

Nioxin Spay GelWhat it does:  Provides curl definition, volume and shine without drying alcohol, PVP formers or plastic resins.  Holds hair in place without build-up or flaking.

Thickening Gel

NIOXIN Thickening Gel
What it is: Virtually weightless, extra-hold, volumizing styling gel formulated for fine hair.

Thickening Spray

NIOXIN Thickening Spray
What it Does:  Adds thickness and strength while adding body, volume, texture and shine to fine hair without buildup.

Volume & Texture Creme

NIOXIN Volume and Texture Crème
What it is: Virtually weightless, all day flexible-hold, volumizing styling crème formulated for fine hair.
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